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Showing all 3 results


15+ Manuka honey is a tremendous, medicinal option. With a slightly sharper medicinal flavor than the 5+ and 10+ options, this is a serious functional honey. It can be used to lessen the effects of the common cold and is commonly used to heal wounds.


Our 10+ is the lowest grade of Manuka honey that we recommend for medicinal use. It doesn’t offer significant levels of antibacterial activity when compared with our 15+ products, but there’s enough Methylglyoxal to make an impact. Some use it as a nutritional supplement, but it also aids in cell repair and, when used regularly, boosts immunity.


While 5+ is our lowest grade of Manuka honey, the term “low” is certainly relative. This sweet, mellow honey is far superior to the honeys you’ll find at your local grocer. It’s perfect for your morning breakfast (with granola, mixed into yogurt, on toast, etc.), drizzled onto vegetables or salads, and as a sweet snack any time of the day.