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B2B FOOD WHOLESALE MARKETPLACE is the best B2B Food Wholesale Marketplace on the net, aiming to bring together food sellers and buyers located in the supported countries by easing the way they do business together. We are constantly searching for businesses in the food and beverage industry which fulfil the high standards of our Marketplace.

At the moment we are building our network of agents and who have the goal to promote our services in their country. The agent position has a great number of benefits and people committed to working in a professional manner can build a great long term career with us.

We are currently seeking someone for the position below.

Job Description

  • Your role
    • Your main goal is to look for food and/or drinks companies located in your country which would like to open up an e-store on in order to locally and/or internationally promote their products. Agorara, does the promotion for them as soon as they join the platform by using the provided Digital Marketing services.
    • Businesses of our interest are farmers, food/drinks manufacturers,  food wholesalers, distributors, food importers/exporters. Your role is to introduce Agorara to them and highlight the benefits of joining our platform. You will have supporting marketing material to present through the internet.
    • Your role is to lead the customers into Agora and stay in touch with them. It has nothing to do with the actual promotion of the customers' products.
  • Your first steps
    • Organise the tasks you have to do for achieving your goals by using the Agents Teamwork platform. It's a dedicated internal platform which all our Agents use for collaboration although we all work remotely. It helps you keep track of the clients, the interactions with them and hopefully when they turn into clients with your payments.
    • As soon as you get an Agent position in your country, you immediately get access to the Agents Teamwork platform. Then you have about 2-3 weeks to learn the Agents Teamwork platform and get organised by creating your list of potential clients. Don't worry, we provide instructions and online training on how to start and where to look for clients. It's easy to create your portfolio with a great number of companies.
  • Contacting Potential Clients:
    • When ready, you make the initial contact with the Exports or Sales Manager of the company. This can be done, by phone or email or both in your native language as all your potential customers are located in your country. In case there isn’t a Sales/Exports Manager role in the company you may contact the managing director or the owner.
    • As soon as the customer joins any of our paid plans you receive payment and your fees are automatically calculated on the Agents Teamwork Platform. Then you are notified of your scheduled payments.
  • What do you sell?
    • You sell either the Professional or the Digital Marketing subscription plans to businesses located in your country.
    • Additionally, you may also sell Custom Targeted B2B Email Campaign services which can be tailored to your client's needs, especially for customers wanting to penetrate international markets or simply to find more customers in his current market.
  • After-Sales
    • The after-sales support consists of you keeping contact with the company on a monthly basis for any issues they may have. Your regular contact with customers will help you sell them Custom Targeted B2B Email Campaigns. At the end of each year after renewing their subscription you also are entitled to payments for the renewal fee.
  • Online meetings
    • You will have to attend the online Monthly Agent's Meeting held towards the end of each month. Those meetings help us to get to know each other better and at the same time help to resolve any business issues. We try to organise those meetings in a conventional time frame for all of us which is not easy as we are expanding in 15 countries.

Skills Required 

  • Technical Skills
    • You must be familiar with using a laptop, mobile smartphone (Android or iPhone), searching on the internet, sending and replying to emails.
    • You will have to use software like the Agents Teamwork platform for organising your work (we provide online training for that. to ensure you feel comfortable with the system.
    • You will also use Slack for our everyday internal communication (Slack is a business oriented messaging program like Messenger, Skype etc).
    • You will have to use LinkedIn, so you have to create a profile if you don't already have one.
    • You must be proficient in English as most of the marketing materials are in English.
    • Also, our Monthly Agent's Meeting is held in English using Zoom.
  • Optional Skills
    • Experience in the food industry although not required, is helpful.
    • Any experience in the imports/exports field could be useful.
    • Tertiary level of education is good to have, especially for dealing with business board members.
    • Some knowledge in Digital Marketing using social media may also be useful.

Job Benefits

  • Working remotely/Flexible time schedule
    • We all work remotely so you can work from anywhere with your own flexible time schedule. It really depends on you how many hours per week you want to work as long as you are able to deliver and achieve your goal.
  • Your income
    • It really depends on your effort and your approach to people. We pay $300 USD per successfully subscribing customer you bring onto the platform, subscribing to the Professional Plan. Your fees are superior in the case the customer joins our Digital Marketing Plan, which will earn you $400 USD/customer. Potential monthly income could be very favourable with a little effort. We also pay $100 USD and $150 USD for subscription renewal of your customer to the corresponding paid plan after the first year.
  • Building your own High Level Income Stream (HLIS)
    • For better understanding the way you work let's discuss a hypothetical scenario. According to this scenario, about a bit more than a year from your start, you should be able to successfully complete, on a monthly basis at least, 3-4 new deals on the Professional Plan and one on the Digital Marketing Plan. Also let's assume, another 3-4 existing customers using the same analogy,  just renew their subscriptions. In this scenario you make on a monthly basis (3 X $300) + (1 X $400) + (3 X $100) + (1 X $150) = $1750 USD. Not bad, considering it is only your first year and in this scenario we haven't added any extra income from Custom Targeted B2B Email Campaigns.
    • In 2-3 years you will have built up your HLIS, even doubling what you made in first year as your experience grows and Agorara becomes more popular and acceptable. Soon you will be able to sell additional new services already in our pipeline in the near future. There is no limit to how much money you could earn from Agorara, it really depends on you!
  • How you get paid
    • We currently use PayPal for all payments to agents. Therefore, you must create a PayPal account if you don't already have one.
  • Long serving career
    • We are looking to grow together with our people offering them a long servicing career, especially to the ones who can prove themselves and are committed. Our people enjoy working for us and share our dream to become the number one online service in the world for the food industry.

If the above job description sounds like you and you have the right skills, register your interest right now in the form below. We will examine your application and we will come back in no more than 48 hours. Attach your CV in PDF or Word format for a quicker reply. An online interview may follow before the final decision.

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